Groundswell + Pig Iron = Philly Fringe 2014

Groundswell has been bringing you Fringe Festival hits for five years now. Remember last year’s GO LONG BIG SOFTIE? Or 2012’s haunting HACKLES? Hands up if you saw HOW TO SOLVE A BEAR!

This summer, however, we returned to the halls of our alma mater to team up with Pig Iron Theatre Company on 99 BREAKUPS. We’ve spent all summer talking, fighting, thinking, dancing, and singing about breakups. The final piece, which opens this Friday September 5, will be exciting and funny and strange and it may just sting a little. We hope you’ll come see it.

We recommend buying your tickets now. There’s limited seating and shows are already selling out.

(Just kidding. We love burgers)

See Underground Railroad Game in Philly and NYC

See Underground Railroad Game in Philly and NYC

Come see a FREE work-in-process of Underground Railroad Game on April 21st at the Church of the Crucifixion (620 S 8th St, Philadelphia). Showings will be at 7pm and 9:30pm. Email [email protected] to reserve your FREE spot. Refreshments and post-show … Continue reading

Strange Attractor and Groundswell in Providence

Strange Attractor and Groundswell in Providence

Rebecca Noon

This is Groundswell in Providence working with Strange Attractor Theatre Company at Roger Williams University in Bristol, RI. Mason and Scott spent the week workshopping Sans Everything, an original play that imagines a futuristic world where Shakespeare has been forgotten. Sans Everything will be collaboratively created between Groundswell and Strange Attractor. We hope to take the next phase of development to Junea, Alaska in 2015! Keep your ear to the ground as the project evolves.

Underground Railroad Gets Fantastic Review in NOLA, RV plays are rogue favorites!

Underground Railroad sex games

Check out this link to read a review of Underground Railroad Game in the NOLA Defender. Thanks to Sarah Sanford for her amazing artistic consultation, Alex Bechtel for his sound design support, and Tamara Reichberg for her amazing photos of the show (above).

Check out to see recap of the entire No Sleep ‘Til NOLA  tour, photos, blog entries, and more information on the rvplays: Nobody’s Home, À Table, and The Axeman. If you are interested in hosting a showing of Nobody’s Home in your home, contact Mason Rosenthal at [email protected]

No Sleep Till NOLA Tour!!!!


Come November, Groundswell is stuffing its cacophonous creations into a RESIDENTIAL VEHICLE and shoving off for the Bayou! The New Orleans Fringe Festival runs from November 20-24, and we will be migrating down for every mad second of it! Featured shows from the Galloping Groundswell RV  will include A La Table, created by Alice Yorke, Nobody’s Home, created by Mason Rosenthal, and a mystery offering created by Katie Gould. And when I mean “from the RV,” I mean these shows will be performed in the RV! We take our site specific work seriously, folks. Also check out Underground Railroad Game, created by Jenn Kidwell and Scott Sheppard, which was selected to be part of the presented fringe at Den of Muses in the Bywater district. For all of you sedentary Philadelphians, keep an eye out for a pre-trip performance of this material in mid November in Philly. For New Orleans details check us out on the New Orleans Fringe Festival site.

Groundswell Reaches Kickstarter Goal and Earns $10,000 Grant From Wyncote Foundation for Go Long Big Softie

Photo Credit: Kate Raines

Photo Credit: Kate Raines

Artistic Director of Groundswell, Scott Sheppard, goes head to head with 2013 FringeArts LAB Fellow, Mason Rosenthal, in Go Long Big Softie, a new devised theatre piece that tackles the hard and soft questions of contemporary masculinity. Under the assistance of Charlotte Ford, who delighted audiences in 2012 with BANG, a clown show about female sexuality, Go Long Big Softie enters the world of defunct 1980’s mens’ groups, taking audiences on a mythopoetic journey to heal the wounds of the male psyche.

The site specific piece takes place at the Torrent Collective, a dilapidated architectural palimpsest in the Italian Market District. Rosenthal explains, “This building has been a 7UP bottling factory, a boxing club, and a Vietnamese cultural center. Now it is a space for fire spinners, DJ’s, martial artists, and rappers. It’s gone through its own masculine identity crisis and it’s falling apart. It’s the perfect place to investigate the past, present, and future of male identity.”

In an age where young people are liberated by the popular paradigm that gender is merely a set of social performances that exist on a spectrum, they also face a dearth of models and mentors in the wilderness of gender identity. How do contemporary “men” walk the tightrope of being vulnerable, strong, feministic, authentic, and happy? Robert Bly, a major figure in the mythopoetic men’s movement of the 80’s and 90’s controversially claims, “Every modern male has, lying at the bottom of his psyche, a large, primitive being covered with hair down to his feet. Making contact with this Wild Man is the step the Eighties male or the Nineties male has yet to take. That bucketing-out process has yet to begin in our contemporary culture.” Go Long Big Softie asks, what can an antiquated men’s group obsessed with the power of myth teach us about becoming a man today?

The project was recently awarded a $10,000 grant from Wyncote Foundation and achieved its $3,500 Kickstarter goal. With this generous support, Groundswell will have the ability to try and do things it never has before. Groundswell would like to thank everyone who is making this exciting piece of experimental theatre a reality.

Kickstarter Launched for Go Long Big Softie

Go Long Big Softie 2

In collaboration with Philadelphia theatremakers Charlotte Ford and Mason Rosenthal, Groundswell unravels American masculinity. Donate now!

The Groundswell Players are fundraising $3500.00 to create, produce and perform an original show for the 2013 Philly Fringe Festival. Debuting on September 6th and running through September 21st, Go Long Big Softie will appear at the Torrent Collective in South Philadelphia. Formerly a South Philly boxing gym and 7UP bottling plant, the space will soon be home to Groundswell’s latest invention.